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You are probably here because I asked you to...?  TEAMVIEWER allows access to another PC remotely.  

Click this logo, on the left..

A programme will download. It doesn't take long. Follow the questions from your PC. If given an option, then RUN this download. If not then SAVE it and select DESKTOP as the save location - then double click it from your desktop screen, to start. You can delete it afterwards if you like.

When the program starts your firewall security may warn you it is accessing the internet or the internet is trying to access it. You can 'Accept' / 'OK' etc. You will need to read a password from it. Access is not possible unless you tell someone that password.

Unless I asked, don't do any of this. This is of no use unless 2 different pc's are running this and sharing passwords.

This program doesn't give access anything on its own - and certainly not my pc or network....!