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Excellent software that I come across.  These are free products and so good they at least deserve a mention on line to help their creators in spreading the word. 

I don't host any of it.  I'm not responsible for it, or your use of it.


posted 1 Oct 2010, 09:19 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 04:54 ]

A superb open source file encryption program that runs right off the mouse right-click button. 

And can then send that file anywhere using your email client, secure in the knowledge that unless you use a poor password, its un-readable to anyone else.


posted 21 Jul 2010, 14:08 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 04:55 ]

A great product, that's free for non-commercial use.  You'll wonder how you managed without it.

Allows you to access any PC from any other PC remotely. Manages all this securely and reliably.

Visit the website and download their product for personal use only and away you go.

vidalia / tor

posted 3 Jul 2010, 05:14 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 05:02 ]

What is this about?  

The most reliable anonymising software out there that uses encrypted connectivity of like minded people around the world to make that happen.  Why do that?  No reason at all if you have no reason. But a really interesting concept.

Read about the use of tor under 'firefox'.  This package makes it easy.


posted 3 Jul 2010, 05:11 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 05:04 ]

A much better solution to browsing the internet than the usual suspect, and favorably comparable to the other options available.  

Has a great range of add ons to make this so much better than its competitors. In particular look up the plug in options for TOR - secure anonymous browsing.


posted 3 Jul 2010, 05:08 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 05:06 ]

In my opinion, the finest hard drive encryption system available bar none. 

If your pc or laptop is stolen, nothing is retrievable unless your password is poor.  A brilliant implementation.  Stable and reliable.  Worth the investment in  that you will need to understand all your options before making your system 100% secure.  

NOTE always backup before you try anything like this! Not complicated but not for the faint hearted either.


posted 3 Jul 2010, 05:00 by Aron Briggs   [ updated 10 May 2012, 05:16 ]

This takes a bit of thought to understand but once you do, it  will be the best tool you have for managing your increasing numbers of passwords.  

Creates really random, any length, any content passwords, and can enter them to web sites etc. when they prompt you.  Can remind you when they need updating.  Can open  web pages and then enter them.

Take a trip around the site to understand what it can do.  And that's a lot !

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